Citrix—part of the solution

From the very beginning, Citrix has created technology that allows you to get work done from anywhere on any device – while reducing energy consumption. Our solutions help people and businesses be more sustainable. We also set up our offices and facilities to reduce energy and waste, and our employees globally work to minimize their ecological footprint.

An unprecedented rise in remote work has resulted in dramatic improvements in the Air Quality Index. Without roadways packed with commuters, urban areas can see blue skies. Citrix is proud to play our part and help our customers enable remote work, no matter the situation.

The keys to a sustainable business model

We firmly believe that work is something you do, not somewhere you go. By embracing flexible and remote work models, underpinned by more scalable and lower emissions infrastructure like virtualization and cloud in tandem with energy-efficient thin-client devices — you can reduce your carbon footprint, while benefiting from happier staff and improved productivity.

Tim Minahan
Executive Vice President, Business Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer

Decreasing our carbon footprint

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