Empowered employees

As intelligent technologies automate the burden of repetitive, task-based work, uniquely human skills like creativity and the ability to learn will drive future value. Organizations thrive amid constant disruption by cultivating a workforce empowered to adapt to changing conditions and innovate quickly. Designing work around frictionless employee experiences empower people to think, learn, create and innovate.

What employees really want from workplace culture

Discover how to create a workplace culture employee will love.

Why IT needs EQ: The value of emotional intelligence

Building emotional intelligence (EQ) in your workforce has become essential if you want your organization to thrive. Here's why your team needs to develop emotional intelligence.

The next wave in work

Three surprising insights that will define your digital workplace strategy in 2020. 

Digital workplace trends – what will the new decade bring?

Learn more about the future digital workplace trends for 2020 and beyond. 

Confronting the new skills economy

Explore how the technology landscape is changing and what these new trends really mean for talent transformation. 

Employee satisfaction and employee loyalty lead to business royalty

The key to happy customers is employee satisfaction and employee loyalty. Employee loyalty leads to improved customer experience, stronger business performance, and business royalty.

Three reasons the C-suite is all-in on employee experience, by Tim Minahan

As work becomes more fluid and less repetitive, the C-suite is looking for new ways to create dynamic enterprises that embrace variable operating models and empower employees with a great work experience.    

Three ways to prevent employee burnout

Learn how to empower employees with control over their technology. Discover the workplace technology that helps prevent employee burnout and promotes wellness.

How to deliver a great employee experience for a multi-generational workforce

Millennials are the largest generational demographic, workers over age 65 are the fastest growing. Discover how to deliver a great employee experience to a multi-generational workforce.

The three technologies with the biggest impact on employee experience

Adaptable. Creative. Productive. These are all qualities CIOs want to encourage in their employees—but are you enabling the kind of workplace that nurtures these qualities? Does your organization’s technology help employees do their best work? 

Three ways to build a strong team within a distributed workforce

Remote work has gone mainstream. By 2025, an estimated 70 percent of the workforce will work remotely for at least five days each month. And employees are embracing it: 86 percent of those who have the option of working from anywhere choose to do so.

Quartz Insights and Citrix Research: Priming a new era of digital wellness

A working guide to supporting workplace productivity, innovation, and engagement through tech.

To enhance engagement, give employees the space to think big

The work of the future is creative, not routine. In a business environment where every day brings its own complexities and opportunities, you want employees to be engaged and ready to adapt to the inevitable change.

Three reasons employee retraining will be essential in 2020

Executives believe that advances in automation and digitization will lead to retraining more than a quarter of their employees by 2023.

Why encouraging mindfulness drives deeper employee engagement

Improve employee experience, work productivity, and employee engagement by encouraging employee mindfulness and adopting workplace technology.

CEBR Report: The potential economic impacts of a flexible working culture

The survey suggests that the US population would benefit from 11.9 billion hours of extra leisure time if flexible working was more widespread across US workplaces.

Technology trends in higher education today and tomorrow

Leveraging technology to make education more adaptable and accessible.

How you integrate, connect, and scale—quickly

Give your organization the agility to take on anything— new business, market shifts, and growth opportunities—when they happen.

Improving the employee experience

5 questions every CIO should be asking.

The Economist Intelligence Unit brief: The Experience of Work

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a study that revealed IT has a much larger role to play in leading employee experience than is typically understood. Read the Economist Intelligence Unit brief, sponsored by Citrix, to discover more key findings of the research.

A MIT Technology Review Insights Executive Brief: Anticipating cloud work’s most common side effects

Workers need access to information from a variety of sources whether they work from the office, at home, or at a coffee shop. But the more apps and devices employees use, the harder it can be for them to find the right information and stay focused. 

A Harvard Business Review paper: Future-proofing the enterprise for corporate growth and expansion

As CIOs tackle technology integration and digital transformation, they have an array of communication options, collaboration tools, and digital and data capabilities at their disposal.

A Harvard Business Review paper: Aligning the C-suite to strategically enter new markets

CIOs play a critical role in an organization’s ability to partner and grow successfully. Not only does the CIO help the C-suite identify strategic possibilities resulting from new technologies, they must also understand how to align these technologies to the business needs and digital strategy.

Agile at Scale

Can a company go from just a few agile teams to launching dozens or even hundreds? Take a look at what companies like Amazon and USAA can show you about going agile at scale.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Entering a New Market  

Before investing big, there's one question a growth strategy expert says you can’t afford to leave unanswered.

The best strategic leaders balance agility and consistency

Today's leaders must strike a balance between consistency and agility. Find out how the right people and processes can help you to achieve that balance.

Flexibility without compromise: The new workforce | The new tools | The new workplace

In the new world of work, organizations need to be prepared to work in a more dynamic way to meet the needs of a more diverse, fluid workforce.

Why it is time to make "work from anywhere" a reality

A ‘work from anywhere’ business culture can boost productivity, improve efficiency, and tap into an untapped workforce. So how can we make it work?

The rise of dark AI

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are powerful allies for the world of information security and its adversaries. The future is adaptive security.

Why we should be encouraging a pioneering spirit within the workplace

Organizations that are leading the way and breaking new ground today are those that are championing organizational innovation and entrepreneurship internally. That’s the spirit!

How to win in business with collaboration

Our infographic is based on the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report exploring how to collaboration helps businesses succeed.

The Internet of Things (IoT): The best is yet to come

Is IoT overhyped or underestimated? The answer depends on if you are talking about the Integration of Everything.

7 key elements of business continuity

Keep your workforce and your data center up and running no matter what happens.

Remote access guide

In the new world of work, organizations need to be prepared to work in a more dynamic way to meet the needs of a more diverse, fluid workforce.