Webinar Event Virtual Round Table with Conecto: Why and how IT should to work with sustainability - the bottom line reasons why companies should adopt sustainability!
Dec 15 2020
Event Details

Dec 15, 2020
9:00 AM CET

Though many large companies as well as start-ups have embraced sustainability as a mindset – not all companies see the bottom line-value of efforts in regard to sustainability. The link between sustainability – often boiled down to reducing CO2 emissions – and securing black numbers on the bottom line is simply missing. But there are significant savings to be won by investing in for instance more sustainable IT, also besides reducing CO2-levels. Efforts towards sustainable IT will for instance also benefit the IT-department, other employees and even the company’s ability to recruit new employees as well as the positive impact on the company’s brand. Specific examples include saving energy, optimizing capaticy, avoiding HW investments, extending device lifetime, reducing transport time and costs, flexibility to work from home etc.

In this round table we will together with Gerard Lavin, Product Strategist and Sustainable IT advocate from Citrix explore the specific bottom line-reasons why companies should consider adopting sustainability in the IT-department and how/where they can start!