The Messenger supports the work of regional branch offices and mobile users through Citrix Solution

The Messenger was formed in 1995 and in a short time has become a rapidly growing company, which currently controls about 25% of the Russian mobile retail market. In more than 3,300 chain stores which The Messenger has opened in many large cities in Russia, you can buy mobile phones, digital equipment, pay for services of mobile operators and ISPs.

The Messenger is in the top 20 best Russian brands. In 2012 the company received an honorary award "Consumer rights and quality of service" (awarded to those who have a responsible attitude to the rights of clients and generates socio-oriented consumer market) and was a finalist for the award of vocational Online Retail Awards 2012 in three categories: recognized as the fastest online store and noted as one of the most innovative stores and online division of the retail network, The Messenger has entered the top three winners of the nomination "The most customer-shop" (the results of voting on Facebook).

The Challenge

Service multiple geographically dispersed users in the central office, and more than a dozen regional branches, due to the high labor costs. IT professionals have to perform a large amount of routine procedures for installing operating systems and applications on PCs, configuring and updating them. In addition, managers of retail chains are actively using for their work notebooks, and recently they were joined by smartphones and tablets: The Messenger implemented the BYOD (bring your own device) initiative, which provides the opportunity for employees to work using their own mobile devices.

The company has a centralized infrastructure. The main computing resources are concentrated in two data centers located in Moscow. Accessing applications is often carried out through communication channels with insufficient capacity, which imposes additional restrictions on the use solutions.

To provide employees, including mobile access to the necessary business applications, an acceptable level of performance and security, as well as reduce maintenance costs of growing and diverse fleet, the company decided to use Citrix virtualization technology. In comparison with previously used solutions built using only Microsoft technologies, Citrix technology provide better performance even in poor communication channels, while supported by virtually all existing platforms and operating systems that are installed on the PC and mobile devices. In addition, Citrix solutions implemented more control over server farms and fine-tuning of network access, which allows you to organize load balancing pools of servers and reduce the risks associated with information security.

The Solution

The first step for the implementation of virtualization jobs was the use of Citrix XenApp to deliver applications to workstations or users' devices. With Citrix XenApp it had access to centralized business applications with virtually no latency data transmission network, and mobile users were able to access key applications online and quickly analyze information on current sales.

Citrix XenApp has been used by The Messenger for about seven years. Two years ago, in addition it deployed Citrix XenDesktop, providing users with the provision of virtual desktops. As long as it is used in a test mode for a small group of users. In addition to the individual applications, mobile employees can work with other information resources (e.g., file server or client OS).

In addition to XenApp and XenDesktop, in order to optimize the availability of the centralized resources it uses Citrix NetScaler. In its data center The Messenger has four devices, providing load balancing in a pool of servers and network traffic control.

Results of implementation

The Messenger appreciates the capabilities of the Citrix platform - this vendor’s products have proven their efficiency and reliability, they are suitable for the implementation and subsequent operation. Over the years The Messenger has deeply explored the possibilities of the platform, so that all tasks associated with the installation, configuration and support solutions are carried out on their own, without the involvement of third-party contractors.

All Citrix products are the highest edition, Platinum, which provides multi-functional management tools, monitoring and security.
Today, the Citrix XenApp solution is deployed to approximately 3,700 workstations. Employees of the regional branches have easy access to business applications and all the necessary information resources, to ensure maximum security and data integrity.

Thanks to the support by Citrix, mobile workers are free to use their own mobile devices and quickly obtain the necessary information for them to work.

IT professionals now have a wide range of tools for managing applications, distributed computing, and network traffic loads with which they provide complete control over the PC fleet, achieve optimum performance, and can ensure compliance with the company's security policies.

In the future, The Messenger is planning to expand the use of Citrix NetScaler, and possibly install software firewalls company Palo Alto Networks, a Citrix partner. Thus, NetScaler will focus control load balancing, security and user rights.

"Due to centralized management of server capacity and network traffic, as well as application and desktop users, it provides simplicity and transparency of administration, improved stability of the user services, and regional branches allows maximum speed access to applications. Employees are free to use their usual computers, laptops or mobile devices and outside the office, obtain the necessary data. The fact that we have introduced a range of solutions allows the fullest use of all the capabilities of each product," commented on the results of implementation Andrei Grigoriev, Deputy Head of IT Infrastructure Management Company, Coherent Logistics, on the results of implementation.

About Citrix

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Employees are free to use their usual computers, laptops or mobile devices and outside the office, obtain the necessary data. The fact that we have introduced a range of solutions allows the fullest use of all the capabilities of each product.
- Andrei Grigoriev

Deputy Head of IT Infrastructure Management Company

Coherent Logistics



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