Staffing Services provider delivers an all-in-one solution, addressing data security and enabling mobility

On Assignment, Inc., leading global provider of staffing services, places highly skilled professionals in temporary, contract-to-hire and permanent positions in the technology, engineering and life sciences sectors. Building on over 30 years of staffing experience, they are able to connect organizations with the talent they need to succeed while providing individuals with rewarding employment opportunities.

The Challenge: Provide employees a solution to deliver data securely, while enabling mobile access

On Assignment is distributed across multiple offices within the United States and internationally with offices throughout the EU. Since the company’s workforce and clients are dispersed throughout the globe, security is a priority for them. On Assignment began to see an increase in consumer file sharing services like Dropbox and GoogleDrive being used by employees. “We needed a solution that would create a place to centralize and organize data while following all security protocols, like HIPAA,” – said Ryan Rogge, Systems Engineer at On Assignment. The risk of losing employee personal data, like social security numbers, certifications, and resumes, was not one On Assignment was willing to take. The company realized they needed to address the problem of employees using consumer services like GoogleDrive and Dropbox by implementing a solution that was designed for enterprise security needs.

Not only did the company have to tackle the security problem, but they were also in search of a solution that would help increase the speed of getting mergers and acquisitions up and running.

“Our division is held accountable to deliver a ‘center for excellence’ in deploying technology tools across the company both globally and to numerous divisions,” says Rogge. Since the company had already deployed XenDesktop, XenApp, and NetScaler SDX, the use of ShareFile, which was included in their purchase of Citrix Endpoint Management Enterprise, was an easy choice. ShareFile and Citrix Endpoint Management met the company’s strict requirements for mobile device management and enterprise file synchronization and sharing.

On Assignment turned to Nutanix, a Citrix-Ready Partner, for their on-prem storage needs for VDI to help with scalability, reduce storage costs, and implement newer technology within a smaller footprint. Since the Nutanix solution had already been tested and approved by Citrix for use with the ShareFile implementation, On Assignment was able to deploy quickly and easily.

The Solution: All-in-one solution provides security, data access, employee mobility in a centralized data center

Citrix provided On Assignment the ability to use an all-in-one solution that provides security, centralization, and mobility for employees. “We are able to leverage Citrix Endpoint Management for security on our mobile devices, ShareFile for extra data security access while also addressing our Dropbox problem and as an additional add-on, Nutanix hyperconverged technology” mentioned Rogge. When it came to prioritization for On Assignment, addressing their needs around data security, data center migration and providing a mobile solution for their workers was critical. Thanks to the Citrix solutions and help of Nutanix, this was done with ease.

Key Benefits 

Provide data security and eliminate consumer-grade file sharing services (Dropbox & Google Drive)

The first requirement On Assignment needed to address was security. The use of non-secure consumer-grade file-sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive needed to be addressed immediately. Since the company’s core business is providing staffing services for clients, employees must manage hundreds of files containing sensitive private information each week. “Day to day we are collecting social security numbers, degrees, resumes, certifications, etc. We needed to ensure this type of private information would not be compromised. Dropbox and Google Drive were a security concern for us,” states Rogge. Citrix Endpoint Management was able to provide protection on mobile devices like Android and iPhones, while ShareFile addressed data security needs. Employees are now aware of where the data resides and can rest comfortably knowing there are fewer security risks to consider.

“ShareFile is easy to use and we are able to leverage other features like the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in, request a file, and Windows 7 widget,” says Rogge. The Outlook plug-in feature helped reduce storage capacity on the Exchange servers while request a file makes it easy for employees to receive information directly from their clients and vendors with a click of a button. The Windows 7 widget has been a huge success for On Assignment by allowing Oxford, one of the company’s acquisitions, to transition from XP machines to virtual desktops during their integration with the company, resulting in a quick and efficient merger.

Data organization, data control plus easy data migrations

Another reason On Assignment chose ShareFile was to get enterprise data under control.  The company had data everywhere, in different data centers, and on old storage technology as a result of their company growth and acquisitions. Using ShareFile helped the company define a systematic process so all employees were able to easily find what network drives they had access to. The ability of sharing large files, collaboration, 3rd party logins with the system and mobility were also key value adds to the company.

ShareFile also allowed On Assignment to migrate data easily. As part of the company’s business processes, data often must be shifted from one location to another. Nutanix’s hyperconverged technology allowed the organization to do this by enabling the ability to exchange large files between 3rd parties and contractors, keeping them on track. When it came to company acquisitions, On Assignment leveraged Citrix to help complete these transactions. “This has been a game changer for the company. Typically, it can take 2-3 months to discover, build-out and deploy, but with Citrix, we cut this time in half. Then, to deploy 400 to a 1,000 users took only a matter of minutes,” states Rogge.

Secure mobility tools that work and increase productivity

Today, employees can rest assured knowing that they have the mobile tools available to be productive. “The fact that you can take your business anywhere you need to is a dream. The simplicity behind connecting to the network from anywhere, at anytime, allows for work to get done quickly and efficiently. It’s just that easy and everything works,” says Rogge. Having data access available and there when you need it has increased the company’s productivity and their employees are very pleased with the tools, which is leading to quicker adoption.

Leverage Nutanix for manageable, centralized datacenter

“The cohesiveness of having everything centralized in a datacenter that is manageable, while not having to worry about where data goes is amazing,” says Rogge. The Nutanix and Citrix ShareFile solution has offered On Assignment the ability to work together cohesively, decrease costs, scale, and deliver all of this with an easy to use solution. The fact that Nutanix, a Citrix Ready partner, offered an easily deployable hyperconverged technology is a key benefit of the Citrix and Nutanix partnership and was just an added bonus for On Assignment, making this project even more valuable. “Being able to log-in one place and not having to send data off to different locations is great. It allows us to provide a quick, always available, one stop shop,” states Rogge.

Looking Ahead

On Assignment is finding new ways to use ShareFile every single day. “Citrix technology is a cornerstone for our company,” says Rogge. The company plans on leveraging all of the capabilities ShareFile has to offer as time goes on. “People now have access to data beyond email. They can take care of work on their own time, in their own preferred setting. Employees don’t have to worry about commuting into the office or driving back in if they forgot something pertinent to a recruiting opportunity,” says Rogge, Systems Engineer at On Assignment.

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People now have access to data beyond email. They can take care of work on their own time, in their own preferred setting. Employees don’t have to worry about commuting into the office or driving back in if they forgot something pertinent to a recruiting opportunity
- Ryan Rogge

Systems Engineer

On Assignment


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