Swiss insurance company gets flexible to attract millennials

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Companies in historically traditional industries like insurance can sometimes struggle to attract millennials and other tech-savvy recruits. To turn the tables, the Baloise Group – an insurance and pensions company in Basel, Switzerland – decided to embrace flexible working.

Now, the Baloise Group no longer considers the workplace to be a traditional office building. Their workplace isn’t a single place at all. It’s wherever an employee needs to be to do their job. “Work is no longer defined by traditional constraints or physical boundaries,” says Olaf Romer, Group CIO.

The Baloise Group found their ideal tool for delivering a flexible workplace in Citrix Workspace Suite1.  It gives them everything they need to be agile, go mobile, and still keep their data secure.

With Citrix, Baloise Group’s 7,500 employees can use their own mobile devices from anywhere, while still keeping their client details secure. Their IT team can roll out updates – which used to take 30 days – in a single night. And even as their workforce expands, the Baloise Group have reduced their carbon footprint, one of their key social objectives.

Employees work from anywhere, on any device they choose

With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops2, Baloise Group’s employees can use apps securely, from anywhere, on any device.

“You have your workplace with you, in your pocket,” says Markus Marksteiner, Group CTO. “Even if you leave the office and shut down your session, you start working again on the train, and the cursor is in the same position as you left it in the office. This is the future. This is how it should work.”

So now their employees can collaborate on the go from their phones. Or they can get on a train and keep working on a tablet. And their brokers can meet customers wherever it’s convenient to help them create secure pension plans.

“People tell me, ‘This has enabled me to excel at my job. This has enabled me to do a better job than I was able to before,’” says Marc Baier, Head of Workplace Services. “If an employee walks up to you, shakes your hand, and personally thanks you for finally providing the long-awaited flexibility which enables them to excel in their business, then that’s what it’s all about.”

Sensitive client details stay secure

Because Baloise Group employees work on sensitive financial data, any solution they use has to be as secure as possible. With Citrix Workspace Suite, sensitive client details aren’t stored on people’s individual devices. Instead, all financial data stays in a secure central datacenter.

Even when their teams collaborate with external partners, data never leaves the Baloise Group servers. And their IT team controls exactly what their partners can see or change.

“We use the whole infrastructure in parallel to connect to the applications they need in a much more secure situation than we had before,” says Romer.

Rollouts take a night, not a month

With Citrix, the Baloise Group IT team has become more agile as well. Before, it used to take them at least 30 days to roll out a new app or security update. Now, with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops2, they can do it in a single night, to thousands of users at once.

“Beyond the productivity benefits of mobility, business success also depends on agility – the ability to grow, shrink, combine, and adapt business units in real time according to market dynamics,” says Romer. “For IT, the challenge is to enable the unprecedented need for business mobility and agility with technology that satisfies user demands and meets business requirements.”


 1Citrix Workspace Suite lets people securely access workspaces – complete with apps, desktops, data, and services – on any device. Find out more about the Citrix Workspace Suite.

2 100 million users around the world rely on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to access apps and server desktops from any device, over any network. Apps and desktops are stored in the data center to protect sensitive data. Find out more about Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

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People now expect the freedom to choose their work location, device, and network according to the context in which they need to be productive.
- Olaf Romer

Group CIO



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