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The Podio API enables you to extend the features of the online work platform. Data can be pulled into Podio from other sources or it can be pushed out to create powerful integrations or enhancements. With the Podio Mobile API/SDK, you can create apps for mobile using the powerful core features of Podio as a base. The Podio API is open and free to use.

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Podio API
The Podio REST/JSON API offers different client libraries and provides examples of real-life use cases.

Podio Mobile SDK
Use the Podio Mobile SDK to build powerful mobile apps and extend your Podio deployment to your mobile users without having to create all the backoffice interface.

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SDK Documentation Feedback

We are working to improve our SDK deliverables to make them easier to use.  Click the link below to take a quick survey and share your feedback with our team.

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