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Secure productivity apps by Citrix XenMobile

For many organizations, native mobile productivity apps—including email, calendar, contacts, and note-taking apps—lack the business features users need most.  Managing native mobile productivity apps across different platforms is complex, and the security measures to the protect applications can vary.

XenMobile offers the most complete suite of secure productivity apps, including email, calendar, contacts, note-taking, document editing, and remote access—all which can be centrally managed across different platforms. XenMobile productivity apps are containerized and secured with Citrix MDX. End users get the same business features they expect from their desktop apps, and the added integration of XenMobile apps helps increase productivity.

Secure productivity apps by Citrix

Worx Home
for mobile control

for secure email

for secure web access

for note taking

Secure Forms
for workflow automation

for time management

for mobile editing

for remote desktop access

Citrix and its partners in the mobile app development community have created Worx apps secured by Citrix MDX technology. The Worx App Gallery includes a large collection of these secure, business-ready apps.

Visit the Worx App Gallery to browse a complete library of Worx–enabled apps, developed by Citrix partners that are ready for use with XenMobile. Developers can use the gallery to showcase and promote their mobile applications.

For IT administrators and developers

MDX Toolkit, a simple and powerful SDK, makes any mobile application secure.

This MDX library can be embedded into an app with a single line of code. Developers can also opt to wrap their apps post-development, without adding any code to their app.

The MDX SDK container technology provides mobile apps with features like:

  • Data encryption
  • Password authentication
  • Secure lock and wipe
  • Inter-app policies
  • Micro VPNs


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