Enable remote work

Keep your company operational in times of disruption

Disruptions can hit at any time—and change your business in an instant. Many organizations learned this lesson the hard way in early 2020, when millions of first-time remote employees1 suddenly needed secure access to corporate resources so they could work from home in the midst of a global pandemic. And not just for a few weeks, but for months on end. While there’s no way to predict where, when or how your business might be impacted by unexpected events in the future, it is possible to prepare. That’s where the flexibility of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops comes in.

Stay ahead of demand

Whether out of necessity or to meet personal preferences, there will be plenty of times when your users need to work remotely. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service allows this to happen seamlessly by giving IT new capabilities to provision desktops quickly from on-premises datacenters or the cloud. With true desktop as a service (DaaS) functionality, it becomes much easier to keep your busines agile. This industry-leading solution has played a large part in many organization’s business continuity plans and makes it simple for administrators to keep up with ever-changing user needs in the face of disruptions. By having a flexible infrastructure already in place, employees can be as productive as possible from anywhere—without putting any additional strain on IT.

Adapt with ease

When the unexpected hits, you need to rapidly deploy corporate resources. With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, turnkey DaaS options allow you to roll out new cloud deployments in just five clicks.  It's one of the easiest, fastest ways to spin up cloud desktops as business needs change, without sacrificing security or compromising compliance. Your users will have the freedom and flexibility to work on the devices and networks at their disposal, while you scale your environment quickly from any cloud or data center. Even organizations without a virtualization solution in place can use Remote PC capabilities to provide fast access to corporate resources, without having to build out the backend infrastructure needed for full-fledged VDI.

Keep data secure

A startling 68% of surveyed organizations have already been victims of successful endpoint attacks,2 and the dangers continue to rise as corporate data is increasingly accessed from employee’s homes and on personal devices.3  To avoid the security risks that come with many VPN solutions and other network approaches, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service equips you with granular access controls that can be customized for different users and scenarios. By centralizing apps and desktops, you can dramatically reduce the risk of data loss or compromised systems—no matter where employees work or which devices they use.

Maintain consistency

From Windows to Linux to graphics-intensive apps, different remote users will be working in different environments. But if there’s one thing all remote workers need without exception, it’s consistency. Remaining productive in the midst of disruption will hinge on your ability to continually deliver the best user experience possible. Both Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service and on-premises offerings are designed to ensure your users will have crystal-clear voice, video and imagery at all times—regardless of network quality and location. And because virtual apps and desktops integrate seamlessly into Citrix Workspace, employees can stay on task while you handle administration of both Windows and Linux applications in a single, side-by-side management console.

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