A comprehensive virtual data room designed for your most complex deals

Manage your most confidential deals digitally. Lock down data and workflows with dynamic watermarking and no limits on pages or users.

Today's flexible workforce means deals are happening anywhere and on any device. But seamless, secure access to the most sensitive data and workflows is often complicated by hard-to-use and inflexible tools. IT needs a robust virtual data room solution that provides a secure, unified experience for apps, content workflows, and data.

Executive summary

  • A secure virtual data room solution stores confidential data and workflows so remote access is protected on any device, anywhere.
  • Citrix Content Collaboration Virtual Data Room provides IT a robust, secure solution with extensive security features to protect data and workflows. 
  • Create and protect sensitive workflows while arming IT with proactive analytics to have full visibility into the environment. 

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Business outcomes

Protect your most confidential information

With an estimated 88% of internal attacks still caused by human error1, the risk for hacks is high. A single breach can cost companies as much as $8.64 million2. Supporting flexible work while simultaneously keeping files secure can be tricky. To help, Virtual Data Room equips you with extensive enterprise-grade controls to manage how sensitive files are accessed, stored, and shared. Features such as view-only and granular user access, and dynamic watermarking give you complete control of your data while Citrix Analytics for Security leverages machine learning to detect and resolve security threats in real time.

Accelerate agreements securely

An increasingly flexible workforce coupled with an aggressive mergers and acquisitions market requires solutions that protect data and workflows anywhere on any device. Virtual Data Room protects your sensitive workflows while accelerating confidential business agreements and providing a productivity-focused environment. Users can automate workflows, track revisions in real time, collect legally binding electronic signatures, and speed up document approvals. So regardless of location, your priority deals and agreements close faster securely and without frustration.

Monitor activity for complete visibility

Keeping tabs on user activity and workflows is critical with client agreements. With Citrix Content Collaboration, comprehensive audit logs and click trails offer full insight into every user’s actions. You can schedule account reports and receive instant email alerts on account activity. Notifications even allow your other parties to know when you’ve uploaded a file for them to view.

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