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Three reasons to choose Citrix Workspace
over VMware Workspace ONE

With more IT resources moving to the cloud and a greater mobile workforce, you need to deliver a secure digital perimeter with a framework that enables greater user productivity, security, and IT management flexibility. This webinar shares why customers choose an integrated Workspace that maintains user context through apps, files and desktops across networks. Citrix Workspace offers a unified user and admin experience.

Some of Citrix Workspace key advantages include:

  • Higher user productivity and a better experience
  • Stronger security which extends to the cloud
  • Greater flexibility to manage apps, data and devices for any on-prem, cloud or hybrid scenario
  • Machine learning based user behavioral analytics that feeds from Citrix product analytics and constantly refines the “normal” user behavior to proactively prevent compromised users from accessing corporate data


Amandeep Nagra

Amandeep Nagra
Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager

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