Webinar Event Practical steps for IT to drive sustainability
Feb 10 2021
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Feb 10, 2021
11:00 AM BST

A sustainable approach makes sense both from a business and personal perspective. It's a shared responsibility. And who better to lead the way and set an example than the public sector, your sector?

IT and sustainability is linked in a number of areas. Did you know that…

  • IT uses 10% of all business electricity, inefficient devices and data centres are major contributors?
  • across Europe, commuting is 27% of all miles travelled?

Reduced electricity usage and remote working options can also generate cost savings in both energy bills and through changed real estate strategies. IT solutions using Citrix technologies - such as a move to cloud, end user compute strategies such as bring your own device (BYOD), low energy devices, extended refresh cycles and remote working - mean that agility, productivity and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Joined by David Grasty, Corporate Head of Digital Transformation for the Digital & IT Service and Jason Sam-Fat, Digital and IT Commercial Manager from Royal Borough of Kingston & Sutton, Ewen Anderson, CIO of Px3, Michael Wheeler-Wyatt, EMEA Head of Chrome/Android at Google, Chris Oldham, Head of Citrix Public Sector, this session will provide both examples and practical steps for how you can start or take the next steps in your journey to drive IT sustainability.

Register today to take the chance to engage first-hand with this panel of experts and benefit from their 25 plus years of experience in helping organisations like yours adapt to change and drive sustainability.

We look forward to seeing you on 10 February!