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The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands with more than 11,000 employees. Patients come for basic care, specialized diagnostics, examination or treatment. Doctors, nurses and support staff work daily towards the common goal: building the future of health with special focus on healthy and active aging. At the University of Groningen, students are trained to be a doctor, dentist or sports scientist and physicians to medical specialist.

The Challenge: Organizational adopting mobility

Traditionally all care data is located in a secure safe. Thisis concept can no longer be maintained and UMCG are forced to be more open in providing information. "We see that treatments are multidisciplinary and patients now see more and more specialists. We therefore need to share more information among specialists, general practitioners and peripheral hospitals and of course the patients themselves. In addition, employees are increasingly mobile: they work from the office, but also from home and even on the road, mostly on their own systems," says Jan-Joost van Walsum, Operations Manager IFM, University Medical Center Groningen. "We follow the evolution in mobility and deliver the data from the figurative vault, but just as secure as before."

The Solution: Citrix XenMobile

UMCG have long been using Citrix solutions, including XenDesktop operated on thin clients. Citrix XenMobile Worx Mobile Apps with Citrix and ShareFile will be used soon. "Mobility via Citrix not only continue to lower investments, we have extensive knowledge in house and can switch faster," continued van Walsum. "We're used to all IT concerns internally, we just want to sit at the controls, also because of the legislation. We have therefore our XenMobile environment decorated in our own data center. XenMobile here is clustered and redundant to ensure continuity and performance because it is a business critical system." Three redundant physical Citrix NetScaler provide authentication of access and load balancing between several systems and have sufficient performance to the end 5000 mobile support devices in UMCG.

Private devices mesh with guaranteed integrity, the hospital has an arrangement that staff can BYOD. According to the BYOD model, the employee is free to choose its own device, so the majority of the devices is private property. "We impose requirements on the devices as they are used on the network of the hospital," said van Walsum. "So the Citrix XenMobile agent must be installed. Also we need to rely on the integrity of the operating system. This means that we do not accept any jailbreaking or rooting of a device. The manufacturer of the smartphone must have developed this check within XenMobile for its devices, using the API of Citrix. So we look for each brand and type of device or it can be accepted on our network. "

Easily manage personal and business mobile devices

Not all core systems within UMCG, such as the SPD, already support full mobility, soon healthcare professionals will have corporate-owned devices made available, for example for nurses to record the patient at the bedside nutrition requirements or scores to fill. Van Walsum: "With XenMobile can we manage these process-related or personal devices completely remotely and mitigating policies. But the ownership of the devices is actually not important, what matters is that the sensitive business data on it will be well protected. Citrix XenMobile secures apps and information from an isolated sandbox, which in case of loss or theft of a device or if an employee from service will be erased remotely. "With Citrix Mail Worx employees have also securely access their mail without unverifiable data is stored outside the sandbox. Specific applications are offered in the sandbox from a corporate appstore, as the UMCG staff app with important phone numbers and contact information, and the now within the UMCG common iBabs app to support meetings. UMCG always keeps control of information and knows exactly who has access, as required by NEN7510 standard for information security in healthcare.

The most comprehensive mobility solution

The strength of the Citrix mobility solution - in addition to the secure sandbox to isolate data and the simplicity Management of mobile devices - very good integration with the existing Citrix infrastructure within UMCG. UMCG wants to make information available as consistent as possible, regardless of the system used, thin client and notebook to mobile device, regardless of location. "Citrix offers the integral nature of access to data and apps. Many providers in the market offering piecemeal solutions, but Citrix has a clear vision with well-integrated infrastructure technology in a complete package. "

Looking forward

UMCG wants to investigate whether ShareFile can be used as corporate 'DropBox' because it allows possible to retain control of their own information. The experience with this, on mobile devices very positive. "Further, we are used to publish desktops, but the rise of mobility there is more need for an application-oriented infrastructure. And because we have strategic chosen Citrix solutions is technically viewed only a small step, "concludes van Walsum

About Citrix

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Many providers in the market offering piecemeal solutions, but Citrix has a clear vision with well-integrated infrastructure technology in a complete package.
- Jan-Joost van Walsum

Operations Manager IFM

University Medical Center Groningen