The company has successfully implemented RAKETA DaaS-service remote access to virtual Windows desktop-based Citrix solutions

RAKETA, one of the partners of the Citrix Program Cloud Service Provider, implemented a project to create a public cloud for companies and individuals. The cloud service allows it to create remote jobs and rental applications and ready infrastructure solutions. Customers enjoy all the benefits of SaaS and DaaS models via the Internet. This allows them to work with the latest versions of software to any older computers. The list of options and "preset" applications are gradually updated, and for those wishing to become a reseller or to organize a similar service under its own brand in other countries have a special cooperation program.

"Citrix offers the best solutions on the market for service providers of remote access. The advantages of our products - extremely reliable and cost flexibility to use Citrix software without initial investment and upfront commitments. Customers get the latest versions of products, including Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler VPX, Access Gateway VPX Licence, Access Gateway Universal Licence, XenServer, NetScaler Cloud Bridge VPX, CloudGateway, Complete Cloud Desktop Services, Branch Repeater VPX, but pay only for those functions which they use," commented Oleg Ivanov, Regional Director for Russia and the CIS countries the company Citrix Systems.

"Implementation of Citrix solutions allows you to clearly predict variable costs, and the final cost of the project and, therefore, more flexibly work with the pricing of the company's services. This ensures that our clients from small and medium-sized businesses and individual users can reduce the costs of updating and maintenance of the IT infrastructure, increasing the efficiency of its business through mobility and high level of protection of personal information. Now the majority of users choose our solution to securely store important information remotely and access it at any time with flexible rights assignment. In addition to the equipment of workplaces do not need more time and financial investment, and for maintenance and technical support of users - have a whole IT department, as it is part of our duties," Anton Savchenko, CEO RAKETA.

Project Background

A prerequisite for the creation of the service was the desire to organize virtual workstations for their employees, reduce maintenance costs, and future updates of hardware and software. This could be done by referring to the system integrator or hired relevant experts. Both options required a dive into the intricacies of virtualization technologies. Ready-made solutions can be found on the Russian market, but none of them met the demands of the company's quality of service. After studying the experience of Western providers of virtualization management it decided to implement a similar project in Russia, to offer services of remote access to virtual desktops and Windows applications to a wide range of customers, creating a ready to use product.

Formulation of the problem

Firstly, the service must meet specific requirements of safety and reliability, as the service provider is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of user information. Similar criteria for use within the system software. Another important characteristic of service - performance. It is unlikely that the customer would agree to reduce the speed, so the decision must be produced faster. In addition, when working with the service, the user gets access to remotely located equipment via the Internet. In this regard, the team had the task of organizing the system to minimize the delay of audio and video, preserving their original quality. Finally, it is important that the solution is compatible with different access devices, and connect the client equipment. Versatility is the use of previously acquired or new equipment, connection to the system with the tablet, phone, or other devices, anytime, anywhere. Plus it's an opportunity to get all of the above in one location.

Selecting solutions

In the preparatory phase RAKETA tested solutions on the market. In addition, the company's vision of prospects for the development of their own service coincided with the plans of the vendor to produce special versions of the software to work with back-end graphics cards GRID and VGX by NVidia, which in the future will allow it to expand the target audience of customers interested in improving the speed of processing of 3D-graphics.

Description of the solution

The introduction of remote access to desktops Windows (DaaS) solves a number of problems and challenges facing clients, among which are: the minimization of the cost of creating, updating and maintenance of infrastructure; increased mobility of users (access to desktops, applications and data via the Internet); the safety and security of confidential information (physical inaccessibility and software protection); energy savings through the use of a simple CPE (thin clients); rapid and predictable cost of additional jobs; Work with licensed software on a rental basis; general organization of space and work with information; tuning and optimization solutions for the needs of the customer.


When it created the service, RAKETA faced several challenges. First of all, it was necessary to analyze the considerable amount of information necessary to determine the components of the service, integrate multiple products into a single system and assemble a team of experts who launched the project. The main difficulty is in finding the best solutions for creating a well-organized and user-friendly system. Support and advice in dealing with these issues have always had partners, so most of the problems were ideological in nature than technical, and were associated with the development of functional and other service parameters. RAKETA used exclusively Citrix solutions and compatible products and equipment. This ensures high quality and consistency of the entire hardware and software. As a result, the company can offer its customers a service that you can trust.


RAKETA cusotmers got an opportunity to organize mobile workplaces for their employees, their corporate information is stored in the data center, and access to the data they can get from anywhere and make changes that will be immediately available to colleagues. Damage to or loss of the device is no longer a threat due to loss of important information.

The service provided by RAKETA to the Russian consumer is unique and new so talking about financial and other results is premature. However, similar solutions to the European and American markets are booming. The only limiting factor in Russia, the company said, is lack of awareness about the possibilities of IT technologies. The company actively promotes RAKETA cloud and expects an increase in demand. Also, in the foreseeable future it plans the withdrawal of services to the European market.

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Citrix offers the best solutions on the market for service providers of remote access. The advantages of our products - extremely reliable and cost flexibility to use Citrix software without initial investment and upfront commitments."
- Oleg Ivanov

Regional Director for Russia and the CIS countries

Citrix Systems


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