Leading panettone producer Bauli beats complexity with Citrix solutions

Historic baker Bauli SpA is one of Italy’s favourite cake producers. Each year, the firm sells over 15 million of its traditional Christmas panettones and pandoros. And, when not enjoying its Christmas cakes and Easter colombas, the nation breakfasts on 180 million Bauli croissants each year.

The firm was founded in 1922, but has grown quickly in recent years by acquiring other famous Italian brands including Motta, Alemagna and Doria. In the last decade or so, Bauli has purchased four major competitors and, today, it has an annual turnover of nearly EUR 0.5 billion. The enlarged firm has four manufacturing sites and 27 distribution centres covering a total of 420,000 m2.

Complexity accompanied growth and Bauli had a large estate of complex applications being used in its various locations. Many of these were difficult to install, configure and update which caused particular problems at the firm’s more remote depots and warehouses.

Staff mostly used PCs to access their applications and information which resulted in high network data flows. The firm faced increasing demand from users for mobile working, but the complexity of Bauli’s IT estate made remote access difficult and expensive to configure and secure.

Virtualisation and mobility simplify systems and boost productivity

Bauli worked with Citrix Platinum Solution Provider Personal Data to resolve these growth-related problems. The firm has now virtualised all of its applications, managing them centrally in their data centre and publishing them to users as part of a XenDesktop virtual desktop.

Bauli has deployed Praim thin-client terminals across its locations and selected XenMobile to mobile devices. NetScaler provides secure remote access for any authorised user.

Simplifying the provision and management of user applications

IT management is greatly simplified with all applications now managed from Bauli’s data centre. The firm has developed standard desktop images that can be published to thin-client terminals or legacy PCs so that new users can be set up quickly and easily with no local installation or installation required. When Bauli made its most recent acquisition. New users were working on Bauli’s systems in only a matter of days.

Because all processing now happens within the data centre, data traffic on the firm’s network is much reduced and remote depots can access the system using standard broadband connections. Having remote and peripheral locations fully up-to-speed is critical at peak periods such as Christmas.

Even resource-hungry applications like SAP Hana – which Bauli uses for real-time analysis of data – can be accessed over a relatively low bandwidth connection. As a result, this business-critical application is now available on all of the firm’s warehouses and depots.

Providing secure mobile access to business-critical applications

From being an expensive and time-consuming consideration, mobility has now become a strategic factor for Bauli. All of the firm’s business-critical applications are available to users on any device running Citrix Receiver. NetScaler provides secure access for remote users at a granular, role-based level and XenMobile secures the device itself, enabling Bauli to easily secure any lost or stolen devices. No business data is held on any mobile device.

Wherever they are, users can now be as productive as if they were in their office.

Looking Ahead

The Bauli Group continues to expand both domestically and internationally.  As it grows, Citrix will enable the firm to continue managing applications used in other countries from its headquarters near Verona, optimising bandwidth, utilisation and speed and centralising application management, with no need for local support.

We have been working with Citrix for some time now and to us they are a strategic partner, which we have been shadowing along its innovation path. Thanks to this partnership, we have been able to solve a number of issues pertaining to the management of local sites, which, up until a few years ago, were very much part and parcel of our IT structure. Citrix has enabled us to simplify system management, providing us with a reliable, scalable tool, which, thanks to its user-friendliness, was accepted by all users without any issues.
- Pierangelo Chiappini

IT Systems Director

Bauli S.p.A.

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