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Citrix Receiver for Windows ICA Client Object SDK

The ICA Client Object Software Development Kit (ICOSDK) is useful for customizing the operation of the ICA Client. It provides a set of standard scripting interfaces or APIs that allow you to interface with the ICA Client software and control it from third-party applications. ActiveX controls and Netscape plug-ins are two of the enabling technologies that allow you to embed objects within container applications such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Microsoft Word, and Excel. The ICA Client Object implementation is based on these two embedding technologies.

Version 10.x

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Citrix Receiver for Windows Simulation API 

The ICA Simulation API SDK extends the ICA Client Object specification and provides scripting interfaces that enable Citrix Receiver for Windows clients to operate in a non-user-interface or "headless" mode. You can use this SDK to monitor and optimize load testing and performance management aspects of Citrix-based application environments.

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Fast Connect API

The Fast Connect 3 Credential Insertion API provides an interface that supplies user credentials to the Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.2 single sign-on feature.

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