StoreFront Store Customization SDK

A developer tool kit to customize your StoreFront

The Store Customization SDK allows you to perform more advanced filtering and customization than the simple filtering by resource type or keywords available in Citrix StoreFront. If you only want to configure simple filtering on stores, such as preventing some users from seeing specific applications, there's no need to use the SDK (see the StoreFront documentation for more information about configuring filtering using PowerShell cmdlets).

The Store Customization SDK allows you to apply custom logic to the process of displaying resources to users and to adjust launch parameters. For example, you can use the SDK to control which apps and desktops are displayed to users, to change ICA virtual channel parameters, or to modify access conditions through XenApp and XenDesktop policy selection.

The Store Customization SDK describes what interfaces are available and how to use them. Additional resources that are available, such as scripts and examples, are also detailed.

These topics are aimed at experienced administrators and software developers who have programming skills and are familiar with using SDKs.

Key Customization Points

Post-Enumeration—use this to modify the results of resource enumeration. This lets you alter a resource's properties, and provides more advanced filtering than the simple filtering by resource type/keywords available using PowerShell cmdlets.

Post-Launch ICA file—use this to modify the generated ICA file. For example, use this to change ICA virtual channel parameters and prevent users from accessing their clipboard.

Post-Session Enumeration—use this to modify the result of session enumeration; for example, to filter out unwanted sessions.

Access conditions (pre-launch and pre-enumeration)—use this to modify the access conditions affecting resource visibility and ability to launch resources.

Provider list—use this to modify the list of servers for Delivery Controllers before the XML services are contacted.

Device information—use this to modify the device information supplied by the client, including the ClientName and DeviceId.

Exchange Forum

If you are using Storefront 2.6 or earlier releases, use the SDK available below

Note: Citrix account credentials are required to access certain SDK content.  If you do not have a Citrix account, please complete the Developer Registration process.

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