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Citrix NetScaler, the industry’s leading ADC, offers a number of APIs and tools to help developers address changing requirements for cloud based and application focused deployments.

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Nitro SDK for NetScaler
The NetScaler NITRO infrastructure allows you to configure and monitor the NetScaler appliance programmatically. NITRO exposes its functionality through Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces, so NITRO applications can be developed in any programming or scripting language. Additionally, for applications that must be developed in Java, Python or .NET, NITRO APIs are exposed through Java, Python and .NET libraries that are packaged as separate SDKs. The NITRO framework is also extended to other NetScaler family products like NetScaler Command Center, NetScaler Insight Center and NetScaler SDX appliance.

NetScaler HowTo Guides 
The NetScaler HowTo Guide enable administrators to get NetScaler up and running by providing instructions for common configuration scenarios and some not so common ones. The more than 50 guides cover everything from how to block security attacks like Heartbleed to how to configure quotas on CGNAT. By using the HowTo Guides you can get your NetScaler up and running quickly and tune it to your particular application needs without having to dig through lengthy documentation. Each guide covers a particular topic and gets right to the point. The guides are downloadable in PDF format for easy use on any device.

iRules to NetScaler Conversion Guides 
The iRules to NetScaler Conversion Guides take you through the process of converting your F5 iRules into policies on NetScaler. If you have been using iRules and would like to create the same functionality on NetScaler these guides simpliy the process and get you up and running faster.

NetScaler Application Templates
NetScaler AppExpert Templates simplify the process of deploying NetScaler for specific applications by encapsulating every single configuration entity in a single reusable package. Common features used for application deployment on NetScaler include: Authentication module, various Optimization modules, Security policies, Protection features and everything else the application may require. As the number of modules and configurations increase, managing them in isolation becomes very difficult and error prone. Application Templates provide huge value by creating logical sets of configurations that can be managed together and reused for other deployments.

NetScaler Policy Language
NetScaler Policy Language SDK can be used to address all advanced application centric use cases and every protocol flow. The advanced policy language on NetScaler goes through all of the features and modules and every protocol processing can be extended in the form of policy expressions and rules. With this functionality, all of the common tools can be used across every feature supporting advanced infrastructure. The SDK also offers new infrastructure for Variables, which enable the use cases for programmability with session management.

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