With DaaS, SLTN Inter Access helps a Dutch healthcare organization cost-effectively mobilize its workforce

SLTN Inter Access is helping customers become more innovative, efficient and mobile – without the capital investment and risks of implementing a new IT infrastructure in house. The Gold Citrix Solution Advisor, based in Hilversum, The Netherlands, was an early adopter of the desktop as a service (DaaS) model for its four target industries: government, healthcare, financial services and business services. In the face of macro trends such as the economic downturn and the 24/7 global economy, SLTN Inter Access is successfully using DaaS to meet customer needs to do more with less, increase mobility and support seamless scalability.

"DaaS can change the role and perception of IT from a business obstruction to a business enabler," said CEO Eugene Tuijnman. "This hosted model enables organizations to make significant advancements in their IT systems to support business goals, without heavy investment in infrastructure and staff."

This scenario is currently playing out at a local healthcare customer that provides mental health services at outpatient locations and in the home. SLTN Inter Access is using its WerkPlek (WorkSpace) 2.0 solution architecture to provide a tailored DaaS solution to the 750-user organization, replacing a legacy system. The two-phase project began with the delivery of a standard Citrix Virtual Apps hosted desktop with additional RES Software functionality.

In phase two, SLTN Inter Access is mobilizing the customer using Citrix Endpoint Management. The customer's SaaS-based application is being added to the SLTN Inter Access unified application portal, while AppStore-like functionality enables users to configure their own working environment. Users will have the option to use their personal devices as well as company-issued laptops. BYOD is expected to reduce the cost of managing endpoint devices by 60 percent.

"Previously, employees who were in the field had to take written notes and then return to the office and enter them in the system," said Tuijnman. "This process was inefficient and prone to error. Now, with virtual desktops, they can do their work anywhere — increasing productivity and delivering better care to clients."

Comprehensive Citrix portfolio

SLTN Inter Access chose Citrix because of the breadth and depth of its portfolio. Capabilities such as support for multiple device operating systems with Citrix Receiver and image management with Provisioning Services enhance the solution. Citrix technologies also contribute to data security, a crucial requirement for healthcare organizations. "In addition to the security certifications we hold, such as NEN 7510 for healthcare information, we rely on Citrix Endpoint Management with micro VPN technology to safeguard customer data. SLTN Inter Access has an extensive group of Citrix specialists who are experienced in desktop and application delivery combined with the cloud, mobility and networking technologies within the Citrix portfolio," said Kees Baggerman, solution architect at SLTN Inter Access.

Winning in the healthcare sector

"This industry tends to be cautious about new IT innovations. Many organizations wait until a technology goes mainstream and there are reference cases available. Our DaaS offering adds to the appeal of virtualization and mobility because it is affordable, easy to budget, highly scalable and customizable," he said. Currently, the partner is finalizing two other major deals in this sector, which will add 10,000 users.

For more information, visit www.interaccess.nl