How do you combat ransomware?

Ransomware can put your customer data and your business operations at the mercy of hackers. Citrix can help you prevent the spread of ransomware and help your business recovery quickly should it strike.

Business held hostage

Ransomware is a billion-dollar global business. Every day, hackers capture and hold for ransom the data of victims in industries from healthcare to higher education to financial services. No organization is safe, yet all too many remain unprepared for this dire threat. In a recent study, fewer than half of the IT and security professionals surveyed reported a high rate of effectiveness in reducing the risk of such attacks.

A year after British businesses suffered a wave of high-profile ransomware attacks, almost one-third of UK companies have made a practice of stockpiling the digital currency required as payment by hackers—hardly a vote of confidence in their own countermeasures.

You don’t have to accept ransomware as unavoidable.

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Learn how your organization can reduce the risk and potential impact of a successful attack.

Keep ransomware out of your business

Traditional approaches such as anti-malware are no longer enough to stem this fast-growing form of cybercrime. Best practices for comprehensive, systems-level security include:

  • Ensuring timely patching and full user adoption of the most up-to-date software
  • Employee education on the ransomware threat and their role in defending against it
  • Using virtualization to introduce an added layer of security between the Internet and the corporate environment
  • Containerization for mobile apps and data to improve security and control across mobile devices
  • Real-time backups to ensure rapid recovery in the event of a successful attack

Citrix solutions enable organizations to build defenses against ransomware into every layer of their IT systems from the datacenter to the endpoint device.

Key steps to kidnap-proof your data using Citrix solutions

With Citrix, the following measures can help organizations prevent ransomware penetration anywhere in their environment; limit the spread of any breaches that do occur; and enable rapid recovery without the need to pay ransom.

  1. Publish virtualized, sandboxed and hardened browsers to insulate business data and corporate networks from web-based malware. 
  2. Publish a virtualized, sandboxed and hardened email client with integrated security technologies such as antivirus, DLP (data leakage protection) and whitelisting.
  3. Protect mobile devices with containerization to separate business data and apps from personal content, and centralize management, security and control. 
  4. Use hypervisor introspection (HVI) to detect ransomware based on techniques, not just patterns, and prevent even unknown attacks and exploits. 
  5. Centralize data with a secure and robust enterprise data sync and sharing service to keep data out of reach of ransomware, facilitate backups and maintain clean versions of every file for rapid restoration without the need to pay ransom.

Partnering against ransomware

Citrix and Bitdefender are working together to reduce the risk of ransomware. Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Hypervisor and Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) let you provide a secure virtualized browser that prevents web-based attacks without sacrificing user experience. Bitdefender HVI uses memory-introspection techniques to quickly detect the presence of malware on the hosted browser—even for unpatched servers and zero-day exploits.

We probably see at least one ransomware attack a week of some kind or another, and 99.99 percent of the time, we have been successful in containing that to just the workstation.

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