Citrix Partner Data Processing Addendum

Citrix is committed to protecting the personal information shared between Citrix and our Partners.  This Partner Data Processing Addendum (Partner DPA) describes the privacy practices each party will follow when processing personal information on other’s behalf in connection with the contract in force between Citrix and the Partner, the relevant Citrix Program Guide and/or all services ordered thereunder (collectively, the “Agreement”), and applies to all personal information processed under the Agreement on or after June 26, 2020 (unless otherwise specified in the order).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It applies to all personal information as defined in the Partner DPA or under applicable data protection laws on a global basis, including from residents of the European Economic Area.

No. The Partner DPA is incorporated by reference into the Agreement and applies to personal information shared and/or orders under the Agreement placed on or after May 27, 2020.

Yes, the SCCs are incorporated by reference for applicable international transfers.

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