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Citrix solutions for technology in education enable institutions to create a secure mobile-ready campus that provides flexible education IT for institutions and a seamless experience for students, faculty and staff.

Attract and retain top students and faculty by redesigning classrooms to make more engaging, collaborative, and flexible learning spaces.  Designed with mobility in mind, virtual applications and desktops provide a better way to deliver IT resources to students in these spaces or ahead of time in a flipped classroom learning environment.

Students no longer have to depend on an open lab seat to gain access to important apps required for class. Flexible learning spaces use application virtualization to deliver all apps—even heavy, 3D and graphically intensive apps—to lower cost thin clients or personal devices.

Deliver testing through a virtual desktop to make better use of hardware resources. Instead of IT locking down or taking PC’s out of circulation to install testing software, students can change from one session to the next seamlessly. Separate rooms or devices no longer need to be individually dedicated to teaching, learning or testing.

Research data is a huge source of income for major universities and ensuring research data security is increasingly critical. If that data gets lost or stolen, it can cost millions of dollars and expose the university to litigation. By securing your network and cloud infrastructure—including files that researchers are constantly sharing—you can prevent lost or stolen data.

Schools and universities hold a wealth of staff and student data—academic aptitude, financial status, physical and mental health records—that needs to remain secure to protect privacy. Centralized application management and enterprise grade file sync and sharing make it easier to keep staff and student data secure and prove regulatory compliance.  

With Citrix education solutions, students, faculty and staff no longer have to worry about remembering which device or folder they saved an important document. Using a secure data file sharing tool, files and projects are saved and synced across devices and locations. Even large graphics and video files can be shared between peers and faculty without having to exchange USB drives.

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The leading education organizations rely on Citrix solutions.

  • Top 10 highest ranked universities
  • All US “big ten” universities
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University of Central Florida leverages Citrix education technology to redesign learning spaces

With Citrix, we can deliver services and capabilities we either couldn’t do at all before or were very costly and time consuming to provide. It’s helping students become more successful because they have access to high-end resources … anywhere, anytime.
Craig Woolley
Assistant Vice President of IT Support Services
University of South Florida

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