Optimize video delivery to users globally

Reduce video start times, eliminate video failures, and dramatically improve buffering across sites

Video traffic is accelerating just as fast as customer quality expectations are. Whether video is embedded in a larger presentation or played in a basic viewer, the performance bar is always high. Your growing audience is anywhere and everywhere—on any device, all over the globe. What works for one viewer may not work in another part of the world. As your viewer base expands and diversifies, you must ensure seamless, high-quality CDN delivery. Scale globally, but optimize with user-by-user, second-by-second granularity to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Synthetic monitoring

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management synthetic monitoring is a powerful and real-time tool that tracks and analyzes the health of the underlying resources. In this way, you have actionable synthetic monitoring data no matter what’s happening with your dynamic infrastructure. The synthetic monitoring constantly tests service health in the datacenter, the cloud and each CDN, so you always know if your services are available and usable. It can also be used to inform automatic routing decisions and failover planning. This means no more manual emergency service switch-overs in the middle of the night for IT Ops and DevOps teams.

Load balance video across multiple content delivery networks

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management constantly analyzes billions of traffic statistics across hundreds of millions to content repositories across the globe and collates a virtual user experience map of the internet. This data is used to ensure that requests are guided to the closest or best performing CDN (or other content repository) that will offer the best user experience.

Content delivery the way it suits your business model

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management allows businesses to decide how they want their traffic delivered. Third party data can be added to the decision-making process for video delivery. This means it's possible to factor in CDN charging models into how your traffic is delivered.

If you have a delivery quota from your CDNs, can model your delivery requirements around this. You are not restricted to simple load balancing algorithms. With Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management, the delivery mechanism is in the hands of the business.

Stream switching

By understanding the changing conditions of internet networks, it is possible to direct users to the closest source, or best performing, site for each individual user and the time of each request.

Conditions can change on the internet pretty quickly, and the best performing site might not always be the best performing site. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management for video is able to redirect user requests mid-stream to new content repositories if the performance of the first one degrades.