Time saved with Wrike enables Citrix partner to double their marketing outreach with 100% increase in new leads

Tool proliferation within Envision IT’s marketing department was causing heavy context switching, missed email communications, and redundancies on document repository. With Wrike, they were able to centralize task management, vastly improve visibility and double their deliverables, executing as many digital campaigns in the first half of their fiscal year compared to the entire last year. Completing more lead gen campaigns enabled them to deliver twice as many digital campaigns with 100% increase in new leads.

The challenge

Citrix Partner Envision IT leveraged Wrike for its Marketing team and their production of monthly Coffee Break Webinars (CBWs) and digital campaigns. CBWs are cross-departmental events that wrap in internal and external leadership/SMEs, as well as sales, marketing, sales operations and pre-sales engineering. Digital campaigns involve intensive alignment among teams within business development.

Previously, Envisioners leveraged email, Microsoft Teams, Excel and Word for communication, editing/storing documents and to stay organized and on time. However, emails could get lost or overlooked. Sharing and navigating to the most up-to-date versions of collaborative files was confusing and prone to errors. Lag time increased as documents were passed back and forth, with low visibility into the process. Heavy context-switching between different programs when reviewing multiple campaign pieces or documents was cumbersome and drained productivity.

Using a single tool to organize multiple projects was a new paradigm for the marketing team at Envision. They began by leveraging the training modules offered by Wrike and Citrix – including a simulation of actual event planning. The ability to learn and work in Wrike at the same time resonated strongly with first-time users.

“Wrike has a consumer-like experience,” says Addie Peper, head Cultivator of Connection at Envision.

 “It felt intuitive even for team members right from the start."

Marketing team members were able to access all project information, including status, in one place, enabling noticeably better focus, efficiency and collaboration across departments. Automated task reminders helped them prioritize and present work and gave everyone visibility into where the bottlenecks were. This helped team members jump in and provide extra hands to those who needed it.

“Wrike provided a comprehensive view of all activities as well as the ability to drill into details. Anyone can look at a project and know exactly where we are in the process, what next steps are and who is responsible. Having one place to go for everything has enabled us to do twice the work in half the time–literally.”

Digital campaigns completed 50% faster

increase in new leads

Campaign click-through and engagement rates exceeding industry averages

The result

Wrike streamlined their marketing tools and eliminated redundant tools, resulting in increased time savings and improved team focus. They successfully executed as many digital campaigns in the first half of 2021 as they did in all of 2020, with campaign averages at or exceeding industry averages, including click through and engagement rates.


Next steps

With the ability to complete more lead gen campaigns, Envision IT foresees driving more awareness and qualifying more leads. This translates to more pipeline, more sales, and more delighted customers.

As Envision IT continues to learn and assimilate additional features and integrations of the Wrike platform, they foresee improved alignment across sales and marketing teams, resulting in more content that is relevant now to their target markets.

Wrike provides the platform for a better way to do things. In recent years Envision has increasingly leveraged SCRUM framework throughout our business and that has benefitted all our stakeholders. Scrum framework with Wrike is extra powerful. Anyone leveraging Scrum will love the power of Wrike to collaborate even more efficiently, provide great visibility, and accelerate pace.

Addie Peper
Head Cultivator of Connection

About Envision

Envision IT is a soulful company comprised of kind people with a growth mindset. Envisioners are passionate about our purpose: enriching the lives of our stakeholders. We cultivate fulfilling careers as well as support an enriched ‘whole’ life for our Envision family. Envision helps our clients’ businesses thrive while actively engaging their employees, supports our business partners, and enlivens compassion and care within our communities. Our business is technology optimization. Envisioners ensure that technology is an enabler to employee engagement, well-being and business success rather than an obstacle. In life people need to know that they matter, and this holds true at work too. Employees want to meaningfully contribute and know they and their efforts are valued. Today, technology is a key factor to people being productive at work…so their technology needs to work. That’s what Envision does…Make. Awesome. Work.

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