Fujitsu and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Desktop virtualization solutions redefine the workplace

Virtual Client Services (VCS) is part of Fujitsu’s wider End User Service which enables us to offer the benefits of desktop virtualization alongside classic desktop services. Our blended approach enables organizations to leverage the right mix of local and virtualized desktops to meet the specific needs and expectations of their end-users. What’s more, as customer requirements evolve and change over time, we can flex the service to exploit more cloud based services and increase the services provided virtually.

We help organizations to assess which users are best suited to thick or thin client systems, implement virtual desktops to meet specific needs and provide the right level of application virtualization to deliver more secure and agile services.

Fujitsu uses trusted private cloud services – built to support secure, enterprise-class computing – making delivery of the end user as a service a viable approach for business.

Why VCS?

CIOs are finding virtual client services provide an effective way to manage changes in the size and profile of their workforce, whilst also addressing cost and data security concerns.

Enhancing the user experience by:

  • Providing a flexible, more personalized computing experience – whether they’re at home, on the move or in the office.
  • Supporting an increasingly diverse set of devices, such as PCs, iPads and smartphones.

Businesses are seeing the benefits of:

  • Improved business agility – whether the focus be on mobile and flexible working, office consolidation or being able to respond to acquisition or divestment opportunities more quickly
  • Reduced business operating costs – both business and IT - with savings of up to 40% in the total cost of desktop service provision.
  • Increased security and control - as data is held centrally and access to applications is tailored according to location and device being used

Building a compelling business case

Many organizations have evaluated desktop virtualization but found it only applicable to a small proportion of their end users.  Our solution has proven to deliver a much wider and faster adoption – an approach that is able to transform the whole estate in a way that is scalable and really drives business value.

Our approach helps CIOs and the management teams with the key challenges in building a powerful and compelling business case that meets users’ requirements and secures Executive Board sponsorship‬‬.

  • Rapid and wider user adoption: quickly identify which users and what applications can be virtualized so VCS realizes measurable ROI.
  • Simplify technology refreshes: enable easier, lower cost deployment of new technologies, such as Windows 7 and Office 2010 – a much more effective way to exploit “upgrade” budgets that will deliver value to the business.
  • Reduce operational costs: through greater standardization and automation, reduced asset costs, increased flexibility through pay-as-you-use private or shared cloud-based options and increased time-to-value when deploying new applications.
  • Flexible provisioning: a remote desktop service enables new instances to be made available in seconds rather than days
  • Significantly improved user experience: not just for some users, but across the organization