Citrix Workspace app for Windows LTSR 1912 CU5 Technology Preview

Release Date: Aug 4, 2021

Early Access Release


  • This early access release is provided for evaluation and test purposes only. Do not deploy this release in a production environment. 
  • Citrix does not represent that all fixes in this early access release will be included in the upcoming general availability release.
  • The documentation of the issues fixed in this early access release is provided as is. Parts of the documentation have not yet been verified.

What’s new

Microsoft Teams enhancement

  • Screen sharing improvements - Now when you share your screen, only the Desktop Viewer screen is captured in native bitmap format. 
  • Peers can now see the presenter’s mouse pointer in a screen sharing session.
  • Improved video rendering.
  • Performance and reliability improvements.
  • The WebRTC media engine now honors the proxy server configured on the client device.
  • Enhancement to echo cancellation, auto gain control, noise suppression configurations: If Microsoft Teams configures these options, Citrix-redirected Microsoft Teams honors the values as configured. Otherwise, these options are set to True by default.


  • The enhancements are supported only on Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop operating system endpoints.
  • The enhancements are not supported on Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 operating system endpoints.

Known issues in this release

  • When you connect certain third-party remoting application such as mRemoteNG to an endpoint and dock the application toolbar of the published application to the sides, the system might become unresponsive with 100% CPU usage. [LCMRFWIN-4164]
  • When you attempt to stop screen sharing during Microsoft Teams optimized calls, the session might become unresponsive intermittently. [LCMRFWIN-4184]

Issues fixed in this release

Client Device Issues

  • When using Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR CU4, the devices connected with COM ports greater than 9 might fail to map within the session. [CVADHELP-17734]

Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading

  • Attempts to upgrade Citrix Workspace App for Windows using the /forceinstall parameter might fail. The issue occurs when the Receiver clean-up utility fails to start the cleanup process. [CVADHELP-17656]


  • If a Citrix Gateway session times out, Citrix Workspace might not prompt for authentication when launching an application. [CVADHELP-17187]

Security Issues

  • Attempts to install Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows might fail when the USB .cat files are signed with a SHA-1 certificate. [CVADHELP-17679]

Seamless Windows

  • Some third-party applications might remain in the foreground keeping other launched applications in the background. [CVADHELP-16897]


  • When browsing webpages on some browsers using HTML or animation on a GPU thin client,, Citrix Workspace app for Windows might become unresponsive. The issue occurs when the wfica32 process consumes significant amount of memory. [CVADHELP-16172]
  • After upgrading Citrix Workspace app for Windows to version 1912 LTSR CU1 or CU2, session reliability might fail. The issue occurs when the Enlightened Data Transport (EDT) protocol is enabled, and the connection is through Citrix Gateway. [CVADHELP-16694]
  • Attempts to launch a session through Citrix Workspace app for Windows might fail when the CGP port (2598) is blocked on the endpoint. [CVADHELP-17632]

User Experience

  • This fix suppresses the trust account popup by utilizing a new Group Policy Object setting: Trusted Store Accounts List. [CVADHELP-16597]
  • When using some third-party applications on a VDA, mouse movements might lag. [CVADHELP-16737]

User Interface

  • When using Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR CU2 for Windows, Start menu shortcuts might not refresh automatically. The issue occurs when a new application is added or a change is made on the back-end. [CVADHELP-17122]
  • Setting the CurrentAccount value to AllAccount under the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Citrix\Dazzle might not take effect. The issue occurs when one or more store accounts are present. [CVADHELP-17229]
  • When you attempt to log on to Wyse thin client devices using Citrix Workspace app for Windows, the authorization prompt might appear behind the Desktop Lock screen. As a result, you cannot log on until you bring the authorization prompt window to the foreground. [CVADHELP-17880]

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Support Resources

Citrix Workspace App 19.12.5000 for Windows

Aug 4, 2021
75.3 MB - (.exe) Download File

Version: 19.12.5000.3

  • SHA-256 - 100C171C7677ECF3AF06B0203C7FDAF0D54C6157B596154D5C0C25D4919C63A8

Scripts for Deploying Citrix Workspace App for Windows 19.12.5000

Aug 4, 2021
8 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 19.12.5000.3

  • SHA-256 - 0CAF3CACA8C41D5BDA9E644DCB8C87C92F2EB4BF7527E06933F0373035D229C7

Citrix ADMX/ADML Templates for Group Policy Editor 19.12.5000

Aug 4, 2021
324 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 19.12.5000.3

  • SHA-256 - 4784F70E95B0992A005D5FB9BB87261D0AA617BB47509349E2662B507DF2D1F7