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Citrix Workspace now includes intelligent features that improve user experience by streamlining routine tasks with time-saving workflows. For example, microapps avoid the time and effort needed to launch and navigate full applications. These small, task-specific apps deliver highly targeted functionality right to the Workspace app, removing needless friction and frustration so that users feel more engaged and productive.

If you’re interested in designing and deploying microapps, Citrix Customer Success Services has the expert guidance, tools, and information that you need to get started.

Technology in Practice (TIPs) webinars

These educational webinars, part of our popular Technology in Practice (TIPs) series, are presented by Citrix Domain Specialists. They include practical guidance from real-world customer engagements.

What’s a microapp?
Learn about the function and value of microapps and watch a demo on a “day in the life” of a typical microapp. You’ll hear about the 10 to 15 success factors that Citrix recommends you consider to determine if your IT environment and business landscape is suitable for microapps.

Preparing for microapps
This webinar will describe the three cloud-based services that comprise the microapps architecture. We’ll provide you with a sneak peek at the administrative console and explore the low code builder that enables and controls your microapps. Security considerations, frequently asked questions, and a high-level product roadmap are also included so that you can see our vision for the future of work come to life.

Configuring the environment
Learn more about how to set up a microapp. In this session we’ll show you how to configure the connection to the full application (the system of record). You will also learn how to configure pre-built microapps using a template and how to build your own customized microapps using REST APIs. Finally, we’ll describe the essential skills that you’ll need to build custom in-house microapps and the Citrix Professional Services that are available to support your journey.

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