Enhance your Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) deployment

Reach beyond Enterprise Mobility + Security for more features and flexibility

Your Microsoft Office 365 deployment is already equipped with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune). But do you have everything you need to manage devices and protect corporate data? Maybe you’re concerned about potential security gaps in your O365 EMS and Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployments. Or perhaps you’d like to support a wider range of apps, devices and operating systems than what you get with Microsoft alone. Either way, it’s time to extend your reach with enhanced endpoint security.

Provide smart, secure access

Thanks to a 20+ year partnership with Microsoft, Citrix Endpoint Management has what you need to increase security—without compromising end user productivity. Citrix equips you with advanced options for boosting the security of Microsoft Endpoint Manager—ones that aren’t available anywhere else.

Leverage 200+ mobile device management (MDM) policies—plus 70+ mobile application management (MAM) policies for non-Office 365 apps—to trigger automated actions based on how, when and where users are accessing apps and data. And when you want to provide simple access to internal resources, micro-VPN ensures secure connectivity via Edge Browser and other Microsoft enlightened apps.

Gain greater control of corporate data

Microsoft Endpoint Manager brings great value to organizations but, its management capabilities don’t extend beyond Office 365. With Citrix Endpoint Management, you can not only  manage Office 365 apps, but also extend non-Microsoft application capabilities. You’ll gain greater control of corporate data with Citrix Secure Mail, while allowing users to interact with apps in ways that are natural to them. Double encryption and direct-from-Exchange email access keeps your resources safe; native integrations and single sign-on make mobile access easy for your users. And because Secure Mail honors Intune app protection policies even when the Microsoft Exchange server is on premises, IT can easily monitor, block and quarantine as needed.

Simplify management

When used as part of Citrix Workspace, Citrix Endpoint Management makes day-to-day workflows much simpler for IT. You can easily manage, deploy and configure Office 365 apps from within the console. That means there’s no need to maintain a separate MAM solution just to manage Microsoft applications. Everything is readily available in the same central location for fast action and greater overall security. And with Citrix Analytics, IT has insights across network traffic, users, files and endpoints in Citrix environments.

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