Embrace remote work with confidence

Be ready for disruptions with an anytime, anywhere workspace

Studies have long shown that employees are more productive when they have the option to work from home1. But that's not the only reason to embrace remote work. Disruptions can occur at any time, for all kinds of reasons, from inclement weather and power outages to political events, pandemics and more. When the unexpected hits, you need to be prepared. Organizations that empower employees to take work with them have been known to keep productivity flowing even in the midst of interruptions. With a business continuity plan that establishes remote work as the norm—not the exception—teams can continue to work from anywhere, under all kinds of conditions. The key is to rethink and restructure how, where and when work happens.

Make a rapid recovery

Unanticipated disruptions can occur at any time—and change your business in an instant. While you can't predict when your business will be impacted by future events, it is possible to be prepared. The faster your teams can pick up where they left off, the better positioned you’ll be to meet the needs of customers. By putting work-from-home solutions in place today, you can ensure a steady stream of productivity and profits tomorrow—no matter what challenges may come your way. Citrix Workspace brings all apps and data into one secure, central location so employees can easily pick up right where they left off. From any location, on any device.

Elevate the experience

Providing the right remote technology and tools is just the start. For remote work to be effective, the experience has to be consistent, too. If people are forced to spend precious hours hunting down information and switching apps, productivity can plummet quickly. Citrix gives your employees a better way to work—both from home and in the office—with adaptive workspace intelligence that organizes, guides and automates work. It’s how businesses everywhere are able to fuel passion and purpose among distributed teams. When the employee experience is already outstanding, people can continue to do their best work even in the midst of disruptions.

Keep data secure

Reports of corporate hacking attacks have been known to quadruple in times of uncertainty, when anxiety and confusion can cause employees to let down their guards2. That’s why Citrix Workspace takes a zero-trust approach to securely delivering apps and data—without the need for a VPN. By continually evaluating access based on what users do and which devices they use, you can rest assured your resources will stay secure and compliant at all times. Employees have everything they need to succeed; IT maintains full visibility and control to keep threats at bay.

Scale quickly

It’s not uncommon for two in five employees to be working from home on any given day, and many organizations have already taken steps to accommodate them. But what happens when there’s a sudden, sharp increase in the number of off-site employees? In these instances, an unforeseen surge in demand can put tremendous strain on unprepared systems. By taking steps to modernize IT security and simplify access ahead of time, you’ll be ready to meet changing needs with ease. Because Citrix Workspace is designed to auto-scale infrastructure as needed, it’s easy to continue business as usual.

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