Replace your VPN with a secure and simple SSO with Citrix Workspace Essentials

Citrix Workspace Essentials delivers VPN-less, centralized access and SSO to SaaS, internal web apps, and files to users with a focus on optimizing the employee’s experience.

Watch how Citrix Workspace Essentials provides a more secure and scalable access to company resources through:

  • Unified access and SSO to SaaS, web apps, and files through Citrix Workspace 
  • Multi-factor authentication with support for 3rd party IDPs
  • Simplified user and app onboarding and publishing

Essentials is an entry level service. For more advanced security features such as secure browser, web filtering, and cloud app control, explore Citrix Secure Workspace Access.

Citrix Workspace SSO and VPN less access to SaaS and web apps Demo

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How to provide a secure and productive experience for your workforce.

A three-part mini webinar series highlighting elements into the entry level offering of Citrix Workspace, Workspace Essentials, designed with SMBs in mind.

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