The Future of Work and working with Nancy Giordano

Whether we have more jobs or less is a debate only time will settle, but there is no doubt 100% of jobs will be re-skilled. HOW we work and WHY is currently being recalibrated. Society overall will take a radical shift as we head into what has been described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Nancy Giordano is a strategic futurist with a passion for helping organizations and leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead. Recognized as one of the world’s top female futurists, she's spent her career driving important conversations on the future of tech, business, and society.

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  • How new tools will shape new behaviors and drive new expectations
  • Which old practices to manage risk are actually now putting us at risk
  • Wow we will measure that we’re doing it right

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Guest speaker:

Amandeep Nagra

Nancy Giordano
Strategic Futurist
Corporate Strategist
TEDx Austin Curator

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