Thursday, June 17, 2021 | 9:00 am - 9:45 am PT

Fireside Chat: TBI Netherlands in conversation with Citrix, AMD, and Microsoft

Learn how TBI uses GPU-enabled virtual desktops for Azure customers

Microsoft Azure’s latest NVv4 instances deliver a new standard in GPU-enabled virtual desktops for Azure customers. Join guest speaker Frank Wolbertus, BIM solution specialist at TBI SSC-ICT - a Citrix and Microsoft customer based in the Netherlands, as we discuss their implementation of NVv4 instances and the benefits they have experienced along with guest speakers from AMD and Microsoft. This webinar looks at how TBI managed to optimise their IT resources to deliver workstation-class experiences for their design-teams while maximising cost efficiencies and deployment flexibility.


  • Understand the key benefits of a joint Citrix and Microsoft cloud solution for companies in the design and construction industry
  • Learn how our customer TBI built their IT infrastructure to meet the needs of their most demanding design professionals
  • Learn about NVv4’s core technologies and its unique advantages with GPU partitioning features


Nitin Sharma
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Kevin Raines
Director Product Marketing

Frank Wolbertus
BIM Solution Specialist

Every tenth webinar attendee (US and Canada only) will receive an Amazon Echo Dot.
Note: Not applicable to Citrix and Partner employees

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