Preparing for microapps

Citrix Workspace enables you to create microapps by integrating with Systems of Record (legacy, SaaS, web, and in-house-developed apps) to pull actionable data into the workspace.

While out-of-the-box integrations already exist for many popular apps, like SAP and Salesforce, you can also create custom integrations.

The second webinar in this 3-part TIPs series will focus on preparing to create these custom integrations with your organization’s Systems of Record.

Doug Demskis, Principal Architect, will: 

  • Describe the four core services that make up the Workspace intelligence architecture (Microapp, Notification, Analytics and Credential Wallet services)
  • Show a demo of the microapp builder combined with the user experience
  • Discuss security considerations when working with microapps
  • Review upcoming tech preview features for the Workspace that complement the microapps. This information will help set the stage for building custom microapps that streamline and simplify the functionality of your complex enterprise applications. 

Live Q&A: Get answers to your questions from the Citrix experts at the conclusion of the webinar.

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