Ahead of the (Cyber) Curve: Next Gen IT Security for SMB

Digital enterprise transformation is accelerating — and so are cyberattacks. As a result, protecting enterprise data as well as securing digital workspaces have become top priorities for organizations across sectors. When it comes to SMBs, the imperative to enhance IT security practices is greatest of all, with 43% of attacks now targeting small businesses in particular. How can these companies with finite resources best enhance their IT security and proactivity for a rapidly evolving digital landscape?

Citrix’s series “Ahead of the (Cyber) Curve: Next Gen IT Security for SMB” will hear from our host and guest speakers to answer this critical question, providing IT and business decision-makers with best-in-class practices and expert insights on modernizing and future-proofing their security operations. Viewers will walk away with understandings of how to stay ahead of the next security threat without compromising productivity. 

Watch the webinar series to learn: 

  • Why it is imperative that SMBs modernize their approach to IT security 
  • How to proactively address security priorities and reduce risk without limiting productivity, leveraging context-aware access control and visibility across an entire infrastructure
  • How to foster a scalable, secure employee experience, enabling workforce productivity and app availability
  • How to ensure compliance and governance while transforming security procedures 
  • The business values and outcomes of a modernized security approach

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