Workspace Master Class: How to make your Citrix Workspace Intelligent with Microapps

Organizations understand that when employees are forced to use complex, hard-to-use applications, they become frustrated and less productive.

Employees spend 20% of their time searching for information while utilizing 4 or 5 key functions in about 80% of all business applications. Citrix introduces intelligent features to the workspace which extend these capabilities by adding machine learning-fueled microapps and workflows.

Microapps will utilize API’s available within SaaS, web, or home-grown applications to allow users to see content without needing the full launch of the application or the need to switch context.

In this episode of the Workspace Master class, we focused on microapps. A microapp is a single use case made available to users to streamline functionality from complex enterprise applications.  Topics discussed such as:

  • Microapp Overview
  • Architecture Deep Dive
  • Microapp Page Builder
  • Integration with custom applications

Featured speakers

Ana Ruiz
Architect, Technical Marketing

Peter Prose
Lead Domain Specialist, Pre-sales

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