Manufacturing after the pandemic

In conjunction with The Financial Times

The challenges facing the manufacturing industry have never been so profound. As the lockdowns associated with Covid-19 forced many manufacturers to confront the reality of a future in which remote working would represent the next normal, it became clear that few things are now as crucial to business resilience as the ability to access information and to collaborate without disruption and in real time.

Manufacturers face a constant trade-off between meeting productivity goals and investing in future growth. But never more so has there been a need to drive operational efficiency and cost optimization. By implementing digital capabilities, the sector could boost employee productivity and help their organization to gain a competitive edge.

Listen in as leaders discuss a future modern workplace which optimizes productivity, hybrid working models, and the role of technology to ensure businesses remain resilient, agile and adaptable.


Maud Thuaudet
Vice-President Strategy

Stuart Hughes
Chief Information & Digital Officer
Rolls Royce

Nitin Paranjpe
Chief Operating Officer

Sasa Petrovic
Solution Strategist

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