Ahead of the (Cyber) Curve: Next Gen IT Security for SMB

Enhancing digital workspace accessibility without compromising security has become paramount to driving businesses’ bottom lines. How can SMBs in particular tackle the challenge of enhancing productivity for their hybrid workforces, enabling simple and personalized access to files and apps, without leaving their organizations vulnerable to cyberthreat? In this webinar, we’ll be exploring IT solutions to help SMBs enhance security and accelerate productivity.

Key topics that this webinar will include:

  • Why popular digital workspace security solutions like VPNs and siloed SSOs aren’t enough to protect your SMB
  • The growing imperative to provide a seamless, integrated digital workspace experience
  • How centralized visibility and simplified SSO enable better infrastructure management, enhance proactivity, and reduce unnecessary IT costs for SMBs
  • Best-in-class tools and solutions for creating highly productive, secure, and scalable digital workspaces
  • And more


  • Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist, Citrix
  • Caleb O'Connell, Cyber Security Manager, Progyny, Inc.
  • Roderick Kaleho, Cyber Security Consultant, LogicRiver

Kurt Roemer
Chief Security Strategist

Caleb O'Connell
Cyber Security Manager
Progyny, Inc.

Roderick Kaleho
Cyber Security Consultant

Lisa Rogers
Director of Information Technology

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