Consolidate your access security strategy with integrated single sign-on, web isolation and web filtering from Citrix

Point products are expensive to maintain and result in poor end user experience. Moreover with the shortage of security skill sets, these technologies are not being used to their full potential and with best practices, leading to gaps in security and increased risk.

In this webinar, we will cover how Citrix Secure Workspace Access helps consolidate VPN, single sign-on and granular security controls for SaaS, web and virtual applications, as well as web filtering and web isolation controls for the Internet. Using Citrix Secure Workspace Access, you can:

  1. Reduce TCO of your security products
  2. Improve retention of your security talent
  3. Provide granular and consistent security policies across all access use cases
  4. Improve the end user experience and increase employee productivity


Amandeep Nagra

Akhilesh Dhawan
Director PMM Secure Digital Perimeter

Amandeep Nagra

Florin Lazurca
Sr Technical Marketing Manager, Security

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