Citrix Secure Browser – Keep your data safe from browser-based attacks

Every time an employee opens an unsecured browser, they are opening your company up to the risks of the web, like malware and zero-day attacks. The internet is an essential tool employees need to do their jobs efficiently—but for security teams, it can also be a flood of unending threats. So how can you balance company security, an outstanding employee experience, and productivity, all with one click?

Watch this video to see how Citrix Secure Browser:

  • Creates a safe, zero trust way for your employees to access the web
  • Can be deployed in minutes with zero configuration on endpoint devices
  • Protects your data and devices—without compromising experience

See how to keep your data safe from browser-based attacks

Next steps

Learn how to create a zero trust strategy

Watch these expert videos to see how to design a zero trust approach that strengthens security without compromising experience. 

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