Technology in Practice Webinar Series

Why Citrix cloud migration is easier than ever

There’s never been a better time to transition from on-premises to the cloud.

If you’re looking to achieve goals like faster deployment of employee productivity solutions, here are new reasons to make your move to cloud:

  • Enterprise ready: Feel confident about the enterprise capabilities of Citrix cloud services
  • Reduced risk: Follow our step-by-step plan for easing into cloud at a comfortable pace
  • Easier configuration: Use our new automated tool

If you’re planning to migrate, or if you have Citrix cloud licenses that you haven’t activated yet, please view the on demand session.

Our experts will provide practical guidance to accelerate your cloud transition based on lessons learned from field experience. During the session they will discuss several cloud migration strategies, ways to make the transition seamless to end users, and tips for avoiding potential pitfalls. They’ll also show off a new tool to quickly spin up the cloud: Automated Configuration Tool for Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service).

Citrix cloud proved its value for remote working during the pandemic, but it’s also beneficial for many other scenarios. Our cloud gurus will help you make the move with less risk and effort.


  • Brendan Lin – Customer Success Sr. Enterprise Architect
  • Amir Trujillo – Citrix Lead Customer Success Engineer

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