Tech Zone Live

Join Forces with Master Class and TIPs experts

Citrix architects are the stars of this virtual event on workspaces, security planning and VDI/WVD experience. Get ideas and tips for enhancing solutions you relied onto survive 2020.

Topics discussed:

Technical Session 1: Steps you can take to improve the VDI and Windows Virtual Desktop (now Azure Virtual Desktop) experience

  • Episode 1: Preventing Noisy Neighbors From Ruining Your Experience
  • Episode 2: The Tools Needed for Users to Self-Service Their VDI
  • Episode 3: TIPs for a Painless Transition to Cloud-Managed VDI

Technical Session 2: How the events of 2020 should impact your security plan

  • Episode 1: Solutions to Protect Users from Phishing Attacks
  • Episode 2: Simple Security Policies to Reduce the Fallout from Mis-Delivery Mistakes
  • Episode 3: TIPs for Preventing Credential Stealing, Resulting in Ransomware Attacks

Technical Session 3: Building a workspace that fits your workstyle

  • Episode 1: Options for Overcoming Cloud Service Failures
  • Episode 2: TIPS on Correctly Sizing Your VDI Instances for Many Cloud/Host Providers
  • Episode 3: Integrating Google with Citrix Workspace

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