Migrating to the Cloud: A Virtual Summit

You're partway there. Like everyone, you've got some stuff in the cloud. Maybe it's a SaaS application, maybe a couple of apps on IaaS. Maybe you're entirely in Office 365 for productivity, Zoom for conferencing and Salesforce for CRM.

But you've only got a few apps on AWS and most of your proprietary applications are in your own datacenter. And now, of course, a lot of people are working remote. In other words, it’s a mix and a little bit of a mess. What's next? Almost no one is entirely on-premises anymore, but few of us are all the way done with our cloud journeys yet.

Attend this special three-hour on demand virtual summit on the real state of migrating to the cloud and get real-world guidance on figuring out what to do now.

Topics discussed:

  • Assessing Where You Are in Cloud Journey and What Migration Steps Are Next
  • Migration Strategy: Lessons Learned from the First-Generation of Cloud Migrations, and How to Do It Better This Time
  • Managing Through the Migration: How to Leverage In-place Infrastructure While Moving to the Cloud as Quickly as Possible

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