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February 24th
EPISODE 2: Citrix Service Continuity—What Happens When the Cloud Fails?

Everything fails at one point of another. So instead of preventing failure, we need to be prepared for when things fail. What happens when the cloud fails? How can we ensure an optimal undisruptive user experience even when services are down? In this episode, we invited Fernando Klurfan, Principal Product Manager, to talk to use about Service Continuity, a new Citrix Workspace feature, currently in Tech Preview, that minimizes the dependency on the availability of the different cloud components. Don’t wait for the cloud to fail—listen, learn, and be prepared!

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February 10th
EPISODE 1: Citrix Automated Configuration Tool

Imagine if there was a way to automate moving? All the time saved, could be used to do other things. The Citrix Automated Configuration Tool helps you migrate and export your configurations to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service. So, if you were hesitating to make the move to cloud because you didn't have time to do it manually, now you have automation to help.

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January 20th
TRAILER: Introducing The Click-Down