Webinar Event Citrix Developer Focus: Americas Conference + Hackathon What to expect:

This Developer Focus event will kick off with a ½ day online mini-conference in the Americas time zones and will include several speakers on a variety of Citrix Developer-focused topics. You'll also have a chance to show your Citrix skills in a hackathon. Join us on the day to learn more about the theme!

Jul 22 2021
Event Details

Jul 22, 2021
1:00 PM ET


Agenda at a glance - 22nd July: 

  • Welcome
  • Automate CVAD Session Monitoring with the Citrix Common Connection Manager SDK
  • From Hackathon to Marketplace: Inside the Brick Bridge Microapp for Spotify
  • Automating ADC Deployment with Ansible
  • Coffee break - panel discussion
  • Hackathon Kickoff & Close

All entrants must be registered for the 22 July 2021 event to attend and enter, with registrants provided a unique confirmation code. 

Winning prizes include your choice of a Masterclass, Rosetta Stone or Fiit subscription.