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Build digital workflows that match the ways your users want to work

Your users are drowning in apps—people downloaded 194 billion apps in 2018 alone, and that number continues to rise.1 Yet most of those apps rarely get used and are deleted within a week.2 Unfortunately, your users are just as likely to abandon clunky company software. The message is clear: Simple is better. It’s far more effective to create and deploy microapps than it is to customize their full-featured counterparts. With microapps, you can give users exactly what they need, right when they need it—no development tools needed.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Citrix Workspace provides microapps to help streamline functionality from complex enterprise applications. Choose from over 100 out-of-the-box microapp workflows designed to drill down to the few key actions employees perform daily. From approving PTO requests in Workday to creating opportunities in Salesforce, you’ll give users faster ways to get work done… without having to build APIs. These preconfigured microapps can be deployed in seconds, freeing you to focus on other mission-critical aspects of your digital workspace strategy. With options for popular SaaS apps such as Tableau, SAP Concur and ServiceNow, it’s easy to guide and automate work in ways your users will welcome.

Create custom workflows in minutes

The biggest benefit of microapps? Users get instant access to the most popular features within their favorite apps. And now, you can build your own microapp workflows in record time, even from legacy or on-premises apps. Use the intuitive page builder to create and deploy new workflows that meet the exact needs of your workforce. Quick integrations and customizable templates make it easy to extract the insights and actions your users need to be productive, while drag-and-drop capabilities eliminate the need for complex coding. All so you can construct new microapps within minutes instead of months. Each one is delivered within the same secure digital workspace designed to organize, guide and automate work.

Keep costs in check

Microapps aren't just easier on IT. They can save your company from expensive tech investments, too. Compared with their full-blown custom app counterparts, microapps take significantly less time to create and require far fewer resources. With the cost of custom app development starting at $15,000—and often going well beyond $100,0003 for discovery, development and design—that’s no small achievement. After all, your apps don’t have to do everything—just everything your users need. Which is why our no-code, self-serve microapp page builder puts the power in your hands. Whether you stick to out-of-the-box integrations or add your own microapp workflows, there’s no limit to the number of enhancements you can make. All within your existing IT budget.

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