WinFrame API SDK

Extend XenApp/XenDesktop your way

The Citrix WFAPI enables developers to create application programs to perform tasks that are unique to XenApp and XenDesktop.

The WFAPI SDK comprises a set of function calls to the Wfapi.dll dynamic link library (DLL) for 32- bit applications and Wfapi64.dll for 64-bit applications. These DLLs are available on servers running XenApp and on Windows Workstation platforms running XenDesktop. Example programs are included to assist developers. The WFAPI SDK is intended for use by OEMs and customers who need to write applications that directly call WFAPI functions, using Microsoft Visual C++, Version 12.0 (Visual Studio 2013).

The (WFAPI) SDK is a collection of APIs allowing developers and system administrators to programmatically access features specific to Citrix VDAs. For example:

  • Enumerating servers, sessions, and processes
  • Managing servers, sessions, and processes
  • Accessing Citrix-specific user data
  • Sending messages to a session
  • Using virtual channels
  • Waiting on system events

Note: Citrix account credentials are required to access certain SDK content.  If you do not have a Citrix account, please complete the Developer Registration process.

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