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Citrix XenMobile APIs and SDKs allow you to optimize your deployment of XenMobile, learn how to securely deliver enterprise mobile applications and innovate with custom interfaces for your XenMobile users.

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The MDX App SDK makes it simple for ISVs, System Integrators, and enterprise developers to extend enterprise-grade management and security in any existing mobile app. With minimal effort, your iOS or Android apps can be MDX-enabled, secured, and made available on either an internal storefront or in public app stores. For details, see MDX App SDK (formerly Worx App SDK).

Citrix Endpoint Management and XenMobile Server offer the capability of integrating with external systems via web services APIs. These web service APIs allow an external system to retrieve, add, or edit information for devices, users/groups, or apps, as well as to define policies and bundle deployment packages. For Citrix Endpoint Management documentation, see REST API Documentation


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