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Sponsorships allow us to highlight innovative and unique stories of Citrix technology solving problems for elite brands on large stages. Through these we can reach a wider audience and target new customers.

Citrix powers a better way to work by delivering the experience, security, and choice people and organizations need to unlock innovation, engage customers, and be productive – anytime, anywhere.

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Citrix is a proud Innovation Partner of Red Bull Racing, one of the more successful teams in Formula 1. As one of 10 racing teams, they compete in one of the most technologically advanced sports in the world. The race team operates in an extremely diverse environment with up to 60 key personnel traveling every two weeks to the 22 races scheduled annually, over nine months, across five continents.

With the help of Citrix technology, the race team can drive collaboration, innovation and performance, on and off the track. Citrix software allows the race team to access and analyze large amounts of crucial data instantaneously, then make key decisions quickly to optimize performance on track.

Our technology story

Citrix is powering a better way to work by delivering the experience, security and choice that a partner like Red Bull Racing can rely on to unlock innovation and productivity. Some key technology benefits include:

  • Race engineers can view and alter large files from remote locations around the world which is invaluable for troubleshooting, helping to set-up the car, and suggesting design changes for future races
  • Specialists can monitor telemetry data from the car remotely, improving decision-making and car performance
  • Red Bull Racing personnel at headquarters in the UK and at the race track, and third-party vendors can have a mobile workspace to collaborate seamlessly and secure

The 49ers have a rich history as both a team and a business. Today they’re one of the most valuable brands in the NFL, and that’s not only because of their performance on the field. It’s also because the 49ers—like successful businesses all over the world across industries—have used new technologies to keep up with the changing times and the changing expectations of their customers.

Our technology story

Situated as they are in the heart of Silicon Valley, the 49ers chose to step forward as a pioneer in the use of innovative technology. They wanted new ways to streamline operations and collaboration, both in the back office and out on the road. They also wanted new ways to enhance the fan experience, both for those coming to the stadium and for those watching at home. So, they assembled a team of the world’s leading technology partners.

Our sponsorship of the “Palmer’s Club 18 presented by Citrix” provides a wonderful hospitality experience for our guests. Used for hosting CIOs and CTOs from some of our most strategic partners so we can share our vision for the future of work. We also hear from our customers about where we can improve and deepen relationships with both customers and partners in key areas.

Inside the Palmer’s Club 18 presented by Citrix we highlight our technology capabilities with a chance for all guests to putt the 18th hole at Pebble Beach (virtually, of course). Our support of the tournament directly benefits the Monterey Peninsula Foundation.

Major League Baseball® has a reputation for innovation and after more than a decade as technology providers, Citrix is proud to be an Innovation Partner and the Official Workspace and App Delivery Management Partner of Major League Baseball.

Since 2006 Major League Baseball has used Citrix solutions to drive key services and power decision-making. With 30 teams playing games across North America and around the world, there’s no room for error in the dugout or in the boardroom. Having established such a solid product relationship, the progression to a marketing partnership was a natural growth for both groups.

Together, Citrix and Major League Baseball are pushing technological boundaries to unlock innovation and productivity, delivering key information to the right people at the right time, improving performance on and off the diamond.

Our technology story

Citrix Workspace provides an agile solution for Major League Baseball to support their IT group, as well as the critical functions of the statistics and analytics teams. Workspace provides the security needed in the hypersensitive and hybrid technology settings, no matter where in the world the team is called.

None of that happens without the power of the reliable network with seamless datacenter access and rapid scalability provided by Citrix ADC.

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