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Citrix is creating a better way to work through the power of human difference, empowered by authentic connections, and enabled by people-centered technologies.

Our diverse workforce spans multiple generations, speaks more than 35 languages, and lives and operates in more than 40 countries.

Over the past year, we focused on enhancing our Diversity and Inclusion program and tailoring it to Citrix: our people, our values and our culture. We have worked hand-in-hand with our employees to create a program that shows our commitment to making Citrix a stand-out environment.

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Our Employee Resource Groups are self-organized, company-sponsored groups, focused on cultivating a sense of belonging and inclusion at Citrix. Each group supports an underrepresented group of employees to build community for members, educate allies, and attract and retain diverse talent.

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Cultivating a culture of belonging

In 2019, Citrix launched “Cultivating a Culture of Belonging,” a learning series to share best practices and support as we champion inclusiveness and belonging.

In the series, employees learned:

  • How our identities inform our perspectives and how to incorporate other points of view
  • What we can do to encourage an inclusive work environment and what factors are involved in successfully leading diversity in the workplace
  • How to uncover unconscious biases that can result in prejudice and stereotypes in the workplace

In 2020, we are working to expand this training globally.

Mitigating bias in hiring

Research tells us that if we aren’t actively mitigating our biases, they can affect our decision-making. Because we are committed to running a fair and equitable hiring process, we launched a mitigating bias in hiring toolkit that incorporates tools and practices to ensure that we are minimizing unconscious bias in our hiring process.

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Council

The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Council provides executive-level support for sourcing and recruiting underrepresented minorities by mitigating bias in the hiring process, and fostering inclusion. Members of the Council include Citrix vice presidents with cross-functional and cross-geography representation and executive sponsors from Citrix Employee Resource Groups. Each member shares insights to help determine focus areas, develop programs, and measure impacts for the business.

How are we doing?

We believe trust begins with transparency. Citrix has been focused on sharing more of our diversity metrics and progress. We’ve expanded our external reporting to cover the overall employee population, people managers, and leadership levels. We now also share more detail for underrepresented minorities in the United States, particularly those that are in the U.S. census.

Citrix has recently increased the number of female executives by growing the diversity of our external networks and conducting targeted outreach for key positions—but we realize there is still work to be done. Moving forward, we’re focused on expanding our presence at diversity recruiting events, embedding bias mitigation tools into our hiring process, and working more closely with our diversity and inclusion partners to increase outreach.

Please see our EEO-1 report for more information; Please see our Historical Demographic Data.

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