Protect intellectual property—everywhere

Keep your sensitive data safe with user behavior analytics

Your data is at risk—and the threats are growing more expensive. With the global average cost of a data breach at $3.92 million1, you must prevent your organization’s intellectual property and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. To protect data across IT environments, you need end-to-end analytics that identify and stop threats to network traffic, files, and devices. At the same time, leveraging user behavior analytics allows you to prevent mistakes and bad actors from compromising essential data.

Detect insider threats—before they attack

With 68% of organizations confirming insider attacks are becoming more frequent2, companies are responding by adopting proactive security—In fact, $30.9 billion will be spent on AI-based cybersecurity systems and services by 20253. Using machine learning to create individual user profiles, Citrix Analytics for Security detects and flags suspicious activity inside your corporate firewall so you can autonomously stop malicious insiders before they can compromise or steal data.

Protect your environment from malicious code

Your employees depend on anywhere access to information to do their best work, but you need to provide this access while protecting your IT environment from malicious code. If one employee clicks a risky URL, your entire organization can be affected. This is why Citrix Analytics for Security works with Citrix Secure Workspace Access to block risky or blacklisted URLs. Customize how your system responds to attempts to access these URLs, including opening a secure browser, locking devices, disabling user access, or alerting administrators.

Stop bad actors in their tracks

One of the riskiest things your employees do every day is share files across networks and devices, especially if they use personal file sharing that lacks strong security and compliance. So it’s no surprise that 34% of security breaches involve internal actors, with more than 20% caused by user error4. Citrix Content Collaboration with Citrix Analytics for Security give your IT team centralized control over file sharing while letting employees securely share files from any device. If bad actors or mistakes threaten to compromise sensitive assets, stop the threat before it turns into a breach. The result is business-class data security that doesn’t hinder your employee experience.

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